Valentinus was a Roman physician who administered natural remedies as was the practice in those days. He was much loved because he took great care to make his remedies. He would disguise the taste of unpalatable remedies by mixing them with taste enhancers like honey.
Valentinus ran into trouble with the Roman state because he was also a Christian and prayed for his patients' healing. Consequently, he was arrested.
It so happened that the jailor's blind daughter was one of Valentinus' patients. Just before his excecution, he handed the jailor a note for his blind daughter.
The note contained a yellow crocus, the source of a healing herb, saffron. As the jailor's daughter opened the note, her sight was restored. The note also contained the following message....

"From your Valentine."

It was the world's first Valentine.
The day was February 14, 270 AD.

}}God showed us this love by sending His son, Christ to die for our sins. St. Valentine demonstrated this love when he died for his friends. This is the love that Valentine's Day is really about.

"No one has greater love than this,
to lay down one's life for one's friends."
John 15:13

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