Some people think it's presents
Wrapped up pretty and placed under a tree
Decorated with many ornaments and lights
That gives Christmas it's true meaning.

For me presents have never really mattered
I love being together as a family
Having a good meal of turkey
Stuffing and all the trimmings.

This too is not the real meaning of Christmas
This I know to be so true
It is the gift of a special infant
The Christ child, born for me and you.

So when you are celebrating
Exchanging gifts and good cheer
Remember that there was one special gift
Which we should celebrate this time each year.

The gift of God's only son
Jesus, was to be his name
A child who would become a man
And bring salvation to you and me.

For one day He would die for us
Upon a wooden cross upon a hill
To bear the sins of all of us
To give up his life, to do His Father's will.

So each year when Christmas comes
I stand before the creche
To gaze at this little child
The true gift of Christmas.
R. D. G. Nov/98 1999

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