Welcome to my guestbook!

Name: Renee Belleville
Homepage: On Fire for Jesus - Christian Links for Kids and Teens
Hometown: Hesperia, California
Sent: 03/28/2000 07:03
Just came in to visit your site. It's just beautiful, and such a tribute to Him. Hope you have time to visit us....

Name: Aunt B
Homepage: http://www.ilovejesus.com/myhome/auntb
Hometown: N.W. Ohio
Sent: 04/24/2000 20:11
What a great site, Debbie. So glad I was invited back...found more pages to put in my favorites. I love them

Name: Jerry
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/omifren/
Hometown: Cleveland, Oh
Sent: 05/09/2000 14:55
Debbie...You have a beautiful page! It is very Impressive. And you send a very strong message!

Name: Be Still My Soul Webring
Homepage: Need A Real True Friend?
Hometown: Nevada
Sent: 05/09/2000 20:57
Welcome Debbie to Be Still My Soul Webring. We are so honored to have you and your beautiful site as a member. You surely are a blessing to all! God Bless You and again Welcome dear sister in Christ!

Name: Bobby J Crawford
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/bjcrawf
Hometown: Harlan, Ky.
Sent: 5/10/2000 20:07
HI Debbie, and a very warm welcome to BSMS webring, I belive I have signed before with LHLS, I love you pages and you are a great additon to this ring also, keep working on these pages as it is showing a bright light is a dark world.....I am in his service.....Bob

Name: Jo
Homepage: http://7thheaven.acmecity.com/mary/270/index.html
Hometown: Suffolk, VA
Sent: 05/10/2000 20:11
Welcome to BSMS Web Ring. We are blessed that you have joined us. You have a wonderful web site. May God bless you always.

Name: Alberta Kereta
Homepage: http://cleavingofchrist.homestead.com/index.html
Hometown: Putnam, Illinois
Sent: 05/12/2000 15:09
Hello dear sister in Christ and a great big welcome to BSMS webring. Your site is a blessing to us all. I will be back again. I know you will love being a BSMS member. Everyone is so loving, and each ministry is a great blessing to us all as well as being an outreach for our prescious Lord. Come and visit my website when you have the time.
God bless and keep up the good work for our Lord.

Name: Elle
Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/nv/sands
Sent: 05/13/2000 09:23
Beautiful! Enjoyed my visit! God bless and Hugs!

Name: KLE
Sent: 05/16/2000 18:31
Blessings, dear one!

Name: Candy Grant
Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/ms2/iwillfollowhim/index.html
Hometown: Mississippi
Sent: 05/20/2000 19:38
Debbie, wanted to welcome you to the BSMS Web Ring. Your site is beautiful! In His Love, Candy

Name: Michelle
Homepage: http://homepages.go.com/~michelle564/michelle564.html
Sent: 05/20/2000 23:12
Hello Debbie, I just joined and I am checking out some of the sites. Your webpage is very beautiful, a great witness to our Lord and savior.
God bless you, Michelle

Name: Betty Jo Mings
Homepage: http://members.truepath.com/BettyJoMings/
Hometown: Garden Grove, California
Sent: 06/19/2000 23:49
Just want to give you a warm welcome to BSMS and also to wish you a Happy Anniversary. May you love the Lord and each other more every day. You have a beautiful site.
In His love, Betty Jo

Name: Barbara
Homepage: http://www.geocities.rcom/Heartland/5023/
Hometown: Derby, Kansas USA
Sent: 06/20/2000 08:41
I pray you will have a wonderful anniversary today and every day. May God bless you!

Name: Toni
Homepage: http://www.christiancoffeecup.com
Hometown: Cartersville, Ga.
Sent: 06/20/2000 21:50
Hi DG, I wanted to stop by and say "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!"... You have a "GREAT" site!!! May God richly Bless you!!
Your Sister in Christ,Toni"

A righteous man may have many troubles, but the Lord WILL deliver him from them all." Psalm 34:19

Name: Sue
Homepage: Suzy Q's News
Sent: 06/22/2000 18:10
Sorry about missing your anniversary. Things at LHLS have been kind of hectic the last couple of days. I hope you enjoyed your day and that God will bless you with many more years of married bliss.
Let His Light Shine.

Name: Beth
Homepage: http://soundthebattlecry.tripod.com
Hometown: Southeast United States
Sent: 06/22/2000 18:50
Debbie, I wanted to wish you a happy anniversary, even though it is late. May God bless you and give you many more years of happiness!

Name: Bella
Homepage: http://www.angelic-whisper.net
Sent: 06/23/2000 12:01
Hello Debbie, nice page. God bless.

Name: Lady Butterfly
Sent: 06/23/2000 13:01
Hi Debbie, So we're two days late for your anniversay. Who knew!! LOL Seriously, we hope that your day was wonderful and wish you many more of the same. Sorry about being late. We'll try to make it on time next year. God bless.

Name: Liv & Georg
Hometown: Bryne, Norway
Sent: 06/24/2000 13:42
Hi!We're just surfing to get some ideas in order to create our own homepages. Yours are just beautiful!
God bless you!

Name: Connie B
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/hope_friendship/
Hometown: La.
Sent: 07/30/2000 19:50
You have a blessed site. I have enjoyed my visit today.

Name: Nancy H.
Sent: 07/31/2000 15:43
Hello Debbie, I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!
God Bless, Nancy H.

Name: K Walden
Homepage: http://www.connect.ab.ca/~kwalden
Sent: 07/31/2000 19:26
Happy, happy Birthday! May the Lord Jesus truly bless you with every good gift this wonderful day and may His peace, grace, love, hope, mercy and joy pour in and through you every day this year.

Name: Betty Jo Mings
Homepage: http://members.truepath.com/BettyJoMings/
Hometown: Garden Grove, California
Sent: 08/01/2000 12:02
Dear Debbie, Just want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. May our precious Lord fill your life with blessings as endless as His love.
In Christ, Betty Jo

Name: Faith
Homepage: http://members.truepath.com/faithfamily/
Hometown: Michigan, USA
Sent: 08/01/2000 01:31
Hi Debbie, stopped in to wish you a Happy Birthday and have spent an hour "wandering" your site. Such a blessing. May this day and everyday be blessed with God's love,

Name: Sue
Homepage: http://suzyqsnews.com
Hometown: Ky
Sent: 08/01/2000 08:20
Debbie, May God bless you always but especially on this your Birthday.

Name: Debbie
Hometown: Texas
Sent: 08/01/2000 09:36
Debbie, wishing that you have a wonderful and Happy Birthday. May God shine his light on you on your special day and everyday.
Love in Christ Jesus, Debbie

Name: Laura Akers
Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/nc2/theriverofgod/
Hometown: North Carolina
Sent: 08/01/2000 13:22
First, I want to say Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope your day is a wonderful one. You have a beautiful home here. I enjoyed your testimony and your Halloween facts are such a great witness. When that time of the year comes, I plan to send your page around. It is really good. Hope you will come by and visit me sometime. God Bless You!!!

Name: Lucinda aka Sunshine
Homepage: http://www.bound4glory.com
Hometown: Trenton, White Horse NJ
Sent: 08/01/2000 21:32
Hey woman, Happy Birthday Debbie!!! Hope you made some wonderful memories and wishing you God's blessing in the year ahead!

Name: Galia
Homepage: http://www.beamsofhope.homestead.com
Hometown: Louisiana
Sent: 08/02/2000 12:43
Hi Debbie, I'm sorry that I am a day late, but I did want to wish you a belated birthday wish. Hope you had a wonderful day!. Your site is wonderful! God bless!

Name: Teri
Homepage: http://virtue.nu/evergreen
Hometown: Port Orchard, WA
Sent: 08/09/2000 12:55
Debbie - Hello sister! I visited your site and tried to sign your guestbook on your birthday, but it wouldn't go through. So I am trying again! You have a very pretty site. Please visit mine when you can. God bless! Love, Me

Name: Alberta
Homepage: http://cleavingofchrist.homestead.com/index.html
Hometown: Putnam, Illinois
Sent: 08/09/2000 16:28
Hello dear Debbie, and I pray you had a very Happy Birthday. I pray that your day was filled with the joy and blessings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God bless.

Name: Mags aka SpiritFire
Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/ca4/SpiritFire
Hometown: Redding CA USA
Sent: 08/16/2000 20:03
What a beautiful site I enjoyed my stay here and will past on your site to my friends..God Bless!

Name: Dennis Allen Briggs (Gad)
Homepage: http://www.theendbygod.com
Hometown: Tennessee (USA)
Sent: 09/02/2000 13:06
Greetings from Ten Mile, Tennessee (USA)

Name: LA
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/hope_friendship/
Sent: 10/07/2000 20:02
I enjoyed your site, come by and see mine one day. God bless you.

Name: Patrick Harris
City: San Francisco Bay Area
Sent: 03/20/2001 12:59
God bless you, Debbie. Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day (the return of Christ) will not come unless the falling away comes first... - 2 Thes. 2:3. The falling away is not a secret Pre-Trib rapture as some people think. The Greek word for "falling away" is "apostasia." It also means "to forsake, defection, apostasy." This is about apostate Christians who rebel, defect, and fall away from God. In the tribulation, when more severe persecution comes, many believers will grow cold and abandon the faith. So you keep the faith, OK? Because some people will depart from the faith (1 Tim. 4:1). One can fall from grace (Gal. 5:4-7). One can sell their birthright (Hebrews 12:15-17). But the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, Debbie. Amen.
Sincerely, Patrick

Name: Jennifer
City: wherever the Navy stations us...currently Kingsbay, GA *_*
Sent: 04/04/2001 01:56
Hello, dear sister! I've been here before, but it has been a while! I appreciated your testimony greatly, and also your Halloween page...I have a relatively new page up, A Chick Tract Trick or Treat TREAT *_* You'd enjoy that!!
Hugs to you!!
Jennifer *_*

Name: Marti
City: Great State of Texas
Sent: 04/04/2001 02:17
Hello Debbie! What a joy and a blessing to share with you in the ministry... I know that God has great things in store for us all. I have enjoyed my visit here in "your" world...I'll be back again soon.
Living By Grace,

Name: Oregon
City: Portland
Sent: 04/05/2001 21:39
I enjoyed visiting with you this morning and especially enjoyed your Christian midis and your beautiful graphics that you have here.

Name: South African Outreach Ministry
City: Vancouver, BC
Sent: 04/29/2001 08:57
May God continue to bless you for doing His work.

Name: Tammy Jo~
City: MI
Sent: 05/09/2001 11:14
Hi there! Your site is lovely.....Keep up the great work!
Blessings, TJ

Name: Andrea Christine Tilley
Sent: 05/23/2001 24:58
Inspirational site, thank you!

Name: Debbie
City: Jamestown, NY
Sent: 05/27/2001 16:18
Your site is so beautiful, I just love it when I find Christian sites. My site isn't quite as advanced as yours, but I'm still learning. I bookmarked your site so I can come back to see whats new keep up the great work. "God Bless" you and yours.

Name: Diana
Homepage: www.GeoCities.com/PrincessDi872000
Sent: 07/29/2002 11:47
Your site is really cool. Good job!

Name: Pennsylvania
Homepage: http://sibdbz.20m.com
City: Latrobe
Sent: 12/01/2002 03:46
I was looking for Notes of the song "As The Deer" and stumbled across ur site.... I really like to see people standing up for God... being isolated from the rest of the world and not ashamed to show God's grace.

Name: Kim
Homepage: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sis_in_christ/
City: Kansas
Sent: 03/17/2003 04:15
Sisters in Christ is an egroup for women who want to fellowship with others to become more godly women. It is for all levels of Christian maturity. Please prayerfully consider joining us. This is only an egroup. There are no committees to join. The only responsibilities in belonging to this group is to join us in fellowship. To hold us accountable and to be accountable to us.
God bless you,

Name: Donna Clark
City: Park City, KS.
Sent: 03/24/2003 11:05
Debbie, you have a great website. I really enjoyed the music section... Star & Donna forwarded this to us....

Name: Peter
Sent: 05/30/2003 14:51
Dear Friend in Jesus,
Thank you for making a great website.
For those who have never heard,

Name: Denise Conner
City: FL
Sent: 06/01/2003 16:25
Your site is excellent. Thank you for the opportunity to sign your guestbook. I will recommend and come back. I found it very interesting to read other peoples comments about your site. - Denise

Name: Pastor Horn
Sent: 06/18/2003 21:59
Debbie you page is beautiful. Thank you so much for having the words to I'll fly away. I am a missionary in the Philippines and Currently pastor if Trinity Baptist Church in Sapang Biabas, Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines. I just wanted to let you know that your page has helped a fellow servant of the Lord. Thank you
Tony Horn
Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church

Name: Liz
City: NY
Sent: 07/06/2003 10:16
This site is awesome, good job and great work! It's cool

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